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Professional Chimney Repair in Secaucus NJ!

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  • Chimney flashing repair.
  • Chimney cleaning, maintenance and sweep.
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If you are looking for a masonry contractor for your chimney repair, or looking for a professional chimney cleaning in the Secaucus, New Jersey area, look no further. We specialize in professional chimney repair, installation, and cleaning for residential homes or businesses.

Far beyond adding beauty to your home, the true function of your chimney is to carry fireplace gases and smoke safely out of your home. And while most enjoy their fireplaces, many ignore the safety aspects. Chimneys should be checked annually and cleaned as needed, according to the National Fire Protection Association.

Time degrades and cracks all chimneys leaving them vulnerable to water seepage and internal damage. This can damage your roof, your masonry, your ceiling, and left unchecked, can even encourage the growth of mold in your home. If you suspect a chimney problem, call us immediately.

Our team of professionals can repair degrading flashing, chimney crowns, and caps.

Professional Chimney Cleaning in Secaucus, NJ!

Cleaning your chimney is essential to keeping it working properly and safely. Hiring a respected, experience chimney sweeping company is an important step in maintaining your chimney. If you notice smoke leaks or if you notice a tar-like substance forming on the inner walls of your chimney, it’s time to have your chimney inspected by a professional. The tar-like substance is called Creosote, which can accumulate in the flue, cause unpleasant odors, and under certain circumstances, chimney fires. Creosote is unburned wood particles and condensed flue gasses that build up over time when chimneys have been neglected.

Our company offers safe and professional cleanings to all of our customers. The care of your chimney is important to us, but your safety is our number one priority.